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SiBCAS Offers Support

SiBCAS Ltd. Offers Support Amidst Widespread Building Concerns

In light of the growing concerns due to the alarming discoveries surrounding Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in UK public buildings, SiBCAS Ltd., with over 50 years of experience in the education sector, is ramping up its efforts to address the increasing demand for temporary accommodations.

Recognising the profound implications of these recent findings, SiBCAS remains committed to delivering essential support to affected communities. Our modular building solutions offer an adaptable, high-quality, and immediate remedy to the pressing needs.

What is RAAC?

RAAC, a once-popular lightweight building material, was extensively used in regions like the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa from the 1950s to the mid-1990s. Initially hailed for its affordability and ease of installation, later evaluations raised concerns over its durability.

It’s now understood to be susceptible to collapse when exposed to moisture. It has an estimated lifespan of only about 30 years. This widespread usage poses a challenge extending beyond schools, reaching as far as hospitals, housing blocks, airports, theatres, and other public buildings.

The RAAC Controversy in the UK

Incidents like the roof collapse at Singlewell Primary School in Kent have thrown the RAAC issues into sharp relief. The severity of the situation is underscored by the revelation that over 174 schools have been currently identified as having RAAC-related concerns. This has resulted in schools adopting various measures like hybrid learning models and temporary classroom accommodations. However, the problem goes beyond educational institutions. RAAC is being identified in many public buildings across the UK, with venues such as the Motherwell Concert Hall and Theatre who have had to shut their doors because of RAAC.

SiBCAS Ltd. Responds

More than just a modular building provider, SiBCAS Ltd. is a family business deeply embedded in the education sector. Recognising the acute demand for temporary facilities, SiBCAS has an array of high-quality, relocatable modular classrooms available for hire and purchase. These solutions, manufactured off-site in purpose-built factories, ensure minimal disruption to school activities. Furthermore, with an expansive fleet of commercial vehicles, SiBCAS guarantees prompt delivery and seamless removal when these classrooms are no longer essential.

The SiBCAS modular classrooms are tailored to meet educational standards, are versatile and can be customised to exact specifications, ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere for students of all ages. The objective goes beyond merely providing space; it’s about restoring confidence and ensuring educational continuity for teachers and pupils in affected establishments.

SiBCAS Ltd. remains at the forefront as this situation unfolds, assisting local authorities and schools through these daunting times with prompt, modular solutions. Trusted collaborations, like the one presented by SiBCAS, are indispensable during such uncertain times.

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