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Gym’s, changing rooms, Massage facilities – our modular sports units are the best.

Sports Facilities

The sports industry operates in a constantly changing environment, resulting in the need for facilities to suit all, from the occasional fitness enthusiast to the professional footballer or athlete. SiBCAS caters for all levels within this sector, and can help you accommodate a huge range of activities, including clubhouse and changing facilities, cutting-edge gymnasia and sports therapy rooms. Many professional football clubs often have specialist training requirements for their players away from the spotlight of their stadia.

This is where SiBCAS really comes into its own, serving top clubs such as Manchester City, Everton and Brighton. Local teams, too, can benefit from our affordable modular facilities. We’re equally at home providing flexible, high-quality modular accommodation for local organizations, such as golf or bowling clubs. Aim for first place with SiBCAS in your team to stay ahead of the competition.

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Construction sites require safe, secure and efficient site accommodation for workers and management alike. As ever more complex health and safety legislation is enforced on operational building sites, it pays to have the highest quality portable cabins for project offices, planning rooms, canteens and workers’ welfare facilities.

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