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A range of modular buildings designed to be used as offices and Project offices.

Modular Office Buildings

Workers perform more efficiently in comfortable and secure surroundings. However, with demands on space and locations at a premium, companies of all sizes have their work cut out in providing the optimum workplace. SiBCAS’ Permaspace system helps workers thrive in excellent conditions, at a fraction of the cost of a permanent building. The PermaSpace solution is ideal for companies in the process of relocating or expanding premises.

Our modular project offices, and anti-vandal cabins can be installed, linked and stacked to specific requirements, whilst accommodating the most awkward of sites. Internally, your choice of layout, furniture, fixtures and fittings is virtually unlimited and can be geared to long or short-term use.

When your business interruption plan needs a fast, safe and efficient solution that will put morale and productivity on a high, SiBCAS keeps your operations on an even keel.

SiBCAS Modular Office Accommodation, UK

A flexible range – choose one of our designs or a custom option

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Construction sites require safe, secure and efficient site accommodation for workers and management alike. As ever more complex health and safety legislation is enforced on operational building sites, it pays to have the highest quality portable cabins for project offices, planning rooms, canteens and workers’ welfare facilities.

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